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Introducing Soctera and the team

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Integrating advanced materials, innovative device structures and optimized circuit designs, Soctera offers high performance components to sense, connect and protect the world around us. 

Soctera is developing the world's first aluminum nitride-based power amplifier. These amplifiers will allow higher power operation than other material platforms, such as gallium nitride or silicon. Higher power translates to an increase in the distance a wireless signal can travel. This is of value in markets such as base stations and military radar systems. Soctera plans to expand from this initial product and develop the aluminum nitride platform as the future of high-frequency, high-power electronics.

Soctera spun out of an engineering lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. The four person founding team is made up of two professors of electrical engineering, and two PhD students with hands on expertise of the aluminum nitride material and the resulting electronic devices. The team is currently working towards a minimum viable product, primarily from the academic side.

The founding team

Austin Hickman: PhD candidate, ECE Cornell

Reet Chaudhuri: PhD candidate, ECE Cornell

Huili Grace Xing: Associate Dean of Research, Graduate Studies, and Entrepreneurship. Professor of ECE and MSE

Debdeep Jena: Professor of ECE and MSE

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